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Entry #5

What is a brony

2013-08-16 04:15:43 by ElemixZero

Imagine this huge man, a gut the size of mount Rushmore and slick greasy tied back hair with a fedora to top it off. He bends over and all the crumbs fall off his shirt and the smell is putrid, even rotting corpses would cover their noses. With that, his fat cheeto dust covered fingers reaching over to play their my little horse cartoon, *click*. He plays the episode giggling and laughing too it. His parents walk into the room, disgust, regret and shame is written all over their faces, his father nods with distress and walks away while he holds the mother as she weeps and wonders where it all went wrong.

That is a Brony.


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2013-08-19 15:26:37

LOL, yeah, that's sad...


2014-07-25 00:46:04

lmao so stupid