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What is a brony

2013-08-16 04:15:43 by ElemixZero

Imagine this huge man, a gut the size of mount Rushmore and slick greasy tied back hair with a fedora to top it off. He bends over and all the crumbs fall off his shirt and the smell is putrid, even rotting corpses would cover their noses. With that, his fat cheeto dust covered fingers reaching over to play their my little horse cartoon, *click*. He plays the episode giggling and laughing too it. His parents walk into the room, disgust, regret and shame is written all over their faces, his father nods with distress and walks away while he holds the mother as she weeps and wonders where it all went wrong.

That is a Brony.

The Holocaust myth

2012-03-26 03:31:28 by ElemixZero

For over 60 years now the general populous believes in the phoney myth of the holocaust. I'm here to show some points that prove as evidence that the holocaust is just a myth and did not happen. Please keep an open mind while reading this because I don't wanna hear your dumb uneducated opinions.

One of the first things I'll be talking about is the "mass murders". Although first I will admit there were SOME crimes committed against Jews around WWII without a doubt but did 6 million really die? The answer is no because there were only 5.2 million Jews living in the whole of Europe from the 1930s up in till the end of the war. So where did this 6 million idea come from? It's simple, Zionist lairs and corrupt politicians who wanted to see the creation of the REAL fascist state of Israel. Another thing to consider is that if you're fighting a costly, devastating war on two fronts who are you going to waste ammunition on? Prisoners or the enemy?
Towards the last 90 days of the war most deaths in Jewish camps were do Typhus and starvation because the Germans could not care for the Jews due to allied bombing attacks.
It is supposed that incinerators at Auschwitz killed over 25,000 people a day which is complete and utter rubbish seeing how it takes over 8 hours to fully burn the human body. There would have to be over at a 5000 incinerators and over around the clock to do such nonsense.

So why do most Jews (not all shockingly) lie about the holocaust? It's simple, it's all for Israel like I said before. The Zionist Jews wanted their own nations to conduct, control and terrorize the world. If you read the Talmud the sacred Jewish texts it clearly tells practicing Jews to lie, cheat, back stab and even KILL non-Jews. We cannot allow such barbaric practices to go on any longer if we want a free peace loving world. All and all we should educate our selves about the REAL truth and cast away the lies we've been told about.

WHITES RISE UP AGAUINST ZIONIST GIVERNEMET SCUM. We ar OPRESSED by jewish ZIONIST elites who want NOTHing other THAN the death of THE white race. PUT on the battle arMor of christ AnD ATTACK the zionist jews WITHOUT MERCY! DO NOT FEAR THE JEW FOR GOD IS ON OUR SIDE AND WILL HELP us defeat the evils of zionism!


2011-01-04 05:39:45 by ElemixZero

I just love how my reviews always get deleted . :3

Newground keeps removing my flashes! ;0;

I have decided to kill myself!